Putting zest to the test for 140 years. Since its early beginnings, Taylor Texas has responded to challenges, embraced opportunities and taken risks to preserve the community’s quality of life. Its story is full of flavor and appeal.

Like many Texas TX cities, Taylor was originally a settlement of German and Slavic communities. An important rail shipping center, Taylor quickly became a pivotal point for moving cattle, cotton and grain.

Taylor’s first test came in February of 1879, when a fire destroyed most of the frame structures. But, this city responded heartily, replacing the destroyed buildings with the brick and stone structures that boldly stand today.

Taylor didn’t get discouraged when fire destroyed the town, and it certainly wasn’t going to let a little water dampen its spirit when the worst flood in local history dumped 23 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. It was another test, but Taylor forged on.

Cotton has been one of the mainstays of Taylor’s economy since the early 1800s. Its rich soil and the skilled farmers made Williamson County a leading cotton producer.

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