Seguin is one of the oldest towns in Texas. In 1838, a group of frontier Rangers laid out a settlement among beautiful live oaks beside Walnut Springs on the Guadalupe River.

They soon named the town for Col. Juan N. Seguin, a Tejano who fought beside the Anglo settlers against the brutal Mexican dictator Santa Anna.

Some say the Old South ended here because few plantations, if any, took root west of those built here.

This frontier town was a center for experimentation with using concrete as a building material. By the late 19th century, about one out of 10 structures here was made of the locally invented “limecrete.” As a result, this small town had the greatest concentration of concrete buildings in the country.

For many decades, King Cotton ruled hereabouts, and the town’s prosperity largely depended on the surrounding rich farms and pasture lands.

In 1930, the discovery of the Darst Creek Field set off an oil boom. Because Seguin was already an established city, it survived its oil boom and accumulated a prize collection of civic buildings and park facilities from the period.

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