The development of Horseshoe Bay began nearly 40 years ago with the vision of two men from Brady, Texas, Norman Hurd and Wayne Hurd.

In 1969 Norman and his wife Dorothy were looking for acreage on Lake LBJ on which to build a home. What they saw was the property referred to by locals as the “Coke” Ranch (because its owners, the Lupton family, were Coca–Cola bottlers in Fort Worth).

Wayne Hurd was a successful homebuilder and real estate developer who had been instrumental in the development of Las Colinas in Dallas.

In 1972, the Hurds acquired the Fritz and Annlies Matern Wennmohs ranch, which would become Horseshoe Bay West, Applehead and Applehead Island.

In 1973 the Slick Rock Pro Shop and Golf Course opened and two years later, the Texas State Open Golf Tournament was held there.

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