Cedar Park is on Cluck Creek and U.S. Highway 183 some sixteen miles northwest of Austin. We can transport you to Cedar Creek in comfort and style.

In earlier days the community and the creek were named Running Brushy, after a heavy-flowing spring that formed the headwaters of the creek. George Cluck bought the land which included Running Brushy Spring. The Cluck ranch and home became the nucleus for a community.

A post office was authorized in February 1874 for the Running Brushy settlement In 1882 the Austin and Northwestern Railroad was completed from Austin to Burnet, crossing the Cluck land in Running Brushy.

The town Cedar Park was named after the park like surroundings of the Cluck’s ranch.

Limestone for building became a major product of Cedar Park in the 1890s and remained important until about 1970. Cedar fence posts were also a major product during this period.

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